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Space Availability - Bird Library MindSpa

The Meditation Room is intended to provide a place for patrons to practice mindfulness and other guided relaxation techniques independently in a private, accessible, and welcoming environment.

  • Standard set-up includes:
    • A desk and chair
    • Internet connection and outlet
    • Salt lamp
    • Chakra cystals
    • Bulletin Board
  • Available to current SU- and ESF-affiliated patrons only.
  • For individual use only.
  • Room availability begins when the floor opens and ends 15 minutes before the closing of the floor.
  • Room keys are checked out at the 1st Floor Check Out desk.
  • Room may be reserved for up to 1 hour per day. Multiple reservations within the same day are not allowed.
  • Keys not returned on time will be charged 25 cents per minute late fee, and lost keys are subject to up to $100 in replacement cost.

Accompanying kits are also available at the 1st Floor Check Out desk, which include:

  • a meditation cushion
  • a foldable yoga mat
  • a sound machine
  • a light therapy box
  • headphones
  • Mindful Messages cards
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